is an Orange County based motion graphics design and 3D animation facility located outside of Los Angeles.  Our services include,  3D animation, motion  design, visual effects, and video editing.  Post Production is our business,  and we are one of the most flexible services you'll find.  Whether you need help onsite, or an overflow studio to bolster your services, we are your solution. Unlike other production companies that maintain a large staff and facility footprint with outrageous overhead, CCTV's "flexible" post production model allows us to scale to the exact team you need. The result: there is no middle man who just marks up your cost, and you don't pay for creative talent  and overhead  you don't need.  We also have earned high marks with our ability to  work remotely with  clients all over the U.S, while never meeting actually face to face .  Our hard work and impecable communication makes you feel like we are part of your team and , not just as a hired hand you have to watch over.
   CreativeCommotion's goal is to provide you the most efficient and cost-effective workflow of the highest possible quality within your budget to earn this job, and your next.

  • 3D Animation
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Visual Effects
  • Motion Design
  • Logo Animation
  • Motion Tracking
  • Virtual Sets
  • Video Effects
  • 3D Product Demos
  • After Effects
  • Motion Design